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Our Services


Routine Exams

Routine exams are provided for every new patient and every patient of record bi-annually.  We believe this is the best way to ensure you have optimal oral health and limit dental emergencies from arising!

Dental Hygiene & Prevention

We provide a variety of dental prophylaxis services, also known as dental cleanings!! Dr. Mezo was a registered dental hygienist for ten years before becoming a licensed dentist.

Sleep & Airway Services

Sleeping and not feeling refreshed?  Snoring? Irritable? Possibly high blood pressure or type II diabetes? TMJ Pain? Morning Headaches? Grinding/Clenching Your teeth?

Myofunctional therapy is an exercise-based treatment. I teach my patients exercises that relate to tongue placement, breathing, speaking, chewing and swallowing.

My goal is to teach awareness of the oral and facial muscles. I want the tongue to rest in the right place and the mouth to stay closed. When these two simple things happen, troublesome symptoms disappear and the big picture problems around braces, speech, jaw pain and sleep apnea become much easier to treat.

Dental Fillings

Got a cavity?  No problem, restorative dentistry is so easy at Northwest Dental Excellence.  Come in, relax in our massaging chair, receive a warm towel and enjoy the aroma of essential oils while we get your smile restored to healthy!

Dentures, Veneers, Crowns

Want to improve your smile or missing some teeth?  No worries, Dr. Bri loves creating beautiful smiles with the latest technology! Come on in for a consultation and let's get you that beautiful smile you always wanted!

Help your child eat, sleep, and speak better. We use advanced laser technology to fully release your child’s tongue-tie in a precise, quick, and sedation-free procedure.

Invisalign treatment is the clear alternative to metal braces for kids, teens, and adults. 

And More!

Dr. Bri prides herself on taking a variety of CE courses beyond the license requirements to ensure she is providing the best services possible for her patients.  Her passion for dentistry and love for her patients will provide you with an extraordinary dental experience!

Patient Testimonials

Dustin H.

"Dr. Bri, Audrey, Hayley and Amber were fantasic with our family. They treated our 6 year old micah, my wife and I phenomenally. Very glad we chose them for our dental needs. Office is clean and inviting. We are extremely lucky to have such a great dental office near our home."

Our Team



The care you need, when you need it.

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